LongDog Photography

LongDog Photography


You Already Have a Photo:

If you have a favorite photo of your home, a pet, a car or a place ...you can email me a copy. I will do my best to work with what you provide.

You Are Going To Take The Photo:

I have a sheet of guidelines that I will email you depending on what you are going to photograph. It is just a  list of helpful simple suggestions to get the best shot.

You Have A Photo You Want Me To Scan:

You can mail me your photo and I will attempt to scan an image to work with. This is the "last resort" way to process an image, but I will always try.

Dave or I Shoot the Photo:

Provided you are within a reasonable driving distance, Dave or/and I will come and shoot your photograph. There is a small fee for this service depending on your location. This is by far the best way to get the perfect image but we realize it is a little more difficult to arrange.

After I have processed the photos into art I will email you a copy of the image for you approval. The images are "watermarked" and are of lesser quality but you will be able to get an idea of the finished product. Turn around time from when I receive approval of a  photograph to when I ship will be less than one week.

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